10 Benefits To Finishing Your Basement

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Don’t disregard moisture control: even with the best waterproofing, it is not unheard of for issues to do with moisture arising. Closely monitor basement moisture levels before and after floor installation, and install a dehumidifier for good measure. vespawoolf , Thank you it is very nice that he is handy. My sister complains all the time that her husband isn’t handy. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.

GET A FREE ESTIMATE ON CONNECTICUT HOME IMPROVEMENT SERVICES Let Fiderio & Sons help turn the hopes and dreams you have for your home into a beautiful reality. Visit our Meriden showroom this week. Or call us today at 1-800-FIDERIO (1-800-343-3746) to schedule a FREE in-home design consultation. Now I’m not sure from your question if you might have been asking about just drywall and painting, if that’s the case then my estimate for drywall, drywall finishing (mudding) and painting – assuming your framing is decent, I would guess around $1,500.

The Mission of Better Built Basements, LLC is to have Connecticut homeowners select us as their basement remodeling contractor by providing innovative and affordable basement solutions. So, follow me and let’s take a little journey that’ll hopefully put you on the fast track to getting that specific floor that will make your basement dreams come true.

Hi Sandy – Ok, let’s see here. For 650 square foot basement – if you hired a professional to finish it I would put the total around $17,750. If you were to finish your own basement I’d estimate around $7,150. Of course – this could vary based on where you live and which finishes you choose, but there’s a ball park estimate for you. To your first question, yes, he’ll know where everything needs to go just by looking at the existing setup and your framing.