15 Kitchen Design Ideas Under $10,000

Every homeowner knows that owning a home takes work and can be expensive. Average homeowners should put aside about one to three percent of their home’s value every year to spend on improvements. However, you can always cut costs; let’s look at some smart ways you can save money while you maintain and improve your dream home.

Linen cabinets are available in wall mount designs, floor tower designs and floor cabinet designs. The starting point for the selection process should begin with you deciding on the decor style you desire. You can mix up furniture styles to create a uniquely designed decor. You’ll want to envision your bathroom in its completed state to determine what style of storage furniture you want. If you’re the neat and orderly type, a linen cabinet with open shelves could be an ideal choice for you.

When we moved in the small kitchen had no cupboards. The sink was on counter that protruded from a corner capturing nearly all the limited floor space. The first task was to remodel the kitchen. I installed new counter tops and cupboards, a window, dishwasher, and spent a week of my vacation crawling under the house in the dirt, becoming friendly with the spiders, and waiting for a snake to crawl up my pant leg. I also found that the walls were not square, after test fitting an L-shaped pre-fab counter top. After several more weeks of evening work we finally had a new kitchen.

Totally awesome and we had our shower redone in tiles to reflect a ‘more modern’ look – but the luxury of it is to die for! We were actually going to install a frameless shower door because we had seen them many places, but we are still debating that. It is such a nice change from the ‘traditional’ shower doors that we are all so used to but with or without the door, the new concept of showering is wonderful! Super info – as always.

Between two main bedrooms is a stairwell the ceiling part of which is blocked with a false slopping ceiling. Seeing an opportunity for reclaimed wasted space I checked in the loft to see whether the bedroom walls either side of the stairwell was loadbearing e.g. whether the loft rafters ran parallel with the walls or across them. As it happened these walls are not loadbearing and therefore no worries about additional structural supports in knocking part of these walls down.