A 30 Day Bathroom Remodel Reveal

Bathroom remodeling ideas abound on the internet with ideas for everything from removing and installing new bathroom cabinets, to upgrading bathroom fixtures and installing a new sink and lavatory. Bathroom cabinets or vanities are a major decorating element in the bathroom while providing essential storage space. The challenge of providing enough storage in a small bathroom is often met with wall cabinet or tall linen cabinet. Pedestal sinks and hanging vanities dominate contemporary bathroom designs. Learn how to improve your bathroom cabinetry with these informative Hubs.

Good information. I believe this hub useful for us. I’ll bookmark this one and shown this to my mom. Thanks for share with us. The baskets for this project were chosen in a warm grey and medium rust color, to add a pop of color to the finished room. Those were the days before deadlines, full calendars and responsibilities limited my playtime; where my travel destinations ranged no further than the town pool or soft serve stand and my fears of a cherished antique on wheels bursting apart at highway speeds unknown in its heyday were not on my mind.

Selections will change frequently, so check back to see what’s new. Follow Us on Twitter and Facebook, to make it easy to follow updates. Installation: Chinese cabinets install as any other cabinet would, but since they are often out of square and require so many fillers to complete the install, the end result looks fairly rough around the edges if proper care is not taken. Do the painting yourself. Painting is very time consuming, and most people can do this themselves. This can save you a great deal in labor charges, and can also be fulfilling.

One of the cabinets was fitted with shelves, and in the other, a bar for hanging clothes was installed, with a shoe rack on the cupboard floor. Each cabinet had a large, bottom drawer that proved to be perfect for storing extra bedding and pillows. You bathroom’s wall coverings need to be durable because of moisture, heat and cleaning requirements. Many homeowners choose gloss and semigloss paint and vinyl wallpaper for their water-repelling qualities. Wallpaper styles change quickly, and finding matching wallpaper down the road may be difficult.

Compare Prices – Get at least three price quotes from different places. Visit your local home improvement stores and bathroom showrooms. Look at catalogs in magazines and search for good deals online. Spend as much time as you can to compare prices before you buy and make sure everything is within the constraints of your budget. Seek out advice before starting on do it yourself projects. There may be important steps you will overlook if you don’t know what you are doing. Although many household jobs can be done yourself, it is always a good idea to ask an expert how to do the job properly. Great pics, good illustration of how lighting can make a room look fantastic. Thanks for sharing, Voted Up!