A Fresh Bathroom Remodel By Fiorito Interior Design (2)

Bathroom remodeling is one of the best investments you can make in your home. With bathroom remodels, along with kitchen upgrades, you’ll get the largest return for your investment, according to real estate experts. People view bathrooms differently than they used to. Many of today’s bathrooms are elegant, beautiful rooms that are also extremely functional and relaxing. Many are more like a home spa than they are like just a little room needed only for the most basic physical necessities. One of the focal points of any bathroom remodeling project is bathroom sinks and vanities.

Kitchen remodels are one of the most dramatic improvements you can make to your home, and no wonder they’re so popular. It’s not too much to say that a kitchen remodel can give you health, happiness, and wealth — at least save you some money long-term, and get you a better price when you’re ready to move! If you are using a room-sized area rug, it should be large enough to tuck under the edges of any furniture around the room, such as servers, or china cabinets.

I thought the idea of screening your kitchen from the entrance was inovative; we had beaded doorways in my house so may be it is me but that is horriffic. I did like the louvered doors. That would work really well. Then, with a neutral base of whites (remember, you can always mix different shades of white in the same room) and grey tones, I was free to make bold color choices with my accessories.

If you are going to hire someone, an IKEA-approved installer may cost you less even if the per-hour rate is higher than the local handyman, as IKEA cabinets are slightly non-standard in their installation methods and the experienced installer will be quicker to do the job. These are questions homeowners may want to consider and tuck into their heads as they proceed with planning their home’s flooring. Knowing the answers to these questions can help make the remodeling process proceed smoothly without any major hitches.

Just outside of the guest bathroom, there was an entrance into unfinished attic space. This is where the A/C unit lived and where we stored our luggage and other items that were not heat/cold sensitive. You can see the attic space highlighted in yellow along with the guest bathroom in the floor plan below. Idea 4: Look through a few kitchen remodeling magazines, clip photos and start an idea file of hanging pendant lights that work well with your kitchen décor. Also clip ideas for other accessories that will blend in with your pendant lights and island.