Basement Bar Ideas

We have over 75 years combined expertise in the fields of custom home renovations. Rest assured that we bring a wealth of construction knowledge, design expertise and experience to every project we undertake.

Even though the bathroom may be one of those rooms that are typically overlooked, the value of your home will definitely increase if you are remodeling the bathroom. A popular decision is to increase its size and re-fit it with new appliances like the bath, toilet and cabinets. Our advanced 3D modeling technology allows you to see your dream basement, kitchen or bathroom in its final form before we begin the project. Every step of the way, Reality Construction makes renovating your home as easy as possible. Contact us today and begin building the home of your dreams.

Otherwise, seemingly minor violations like failing to pull the proper permit or building a room without an egress window can lead to expensive repairs down the road. Contact us online or give us at call at 1-603-458-7961 to schedule your Free Estimate today! Total Basement Finishing, A Blackdog Affiliate is locally owned and operated and is extremely active in the community. We understand exactly what it will take to give you a stunning, sustainable new space!

Stay gold, ponyboy! Here’s a Quonset-hut bathroom renovated in the ’80s. Lookin’ goooood. I like that they chose light-colored wood over the dark wood that most people decorated with in the 1980s. It really brightens up a small space. Biehl Brothers have been remodeling basements for the last 11 years in the Cincinnati area. We personally manage your project and meet every basement-remodeling budget. All projects are completed with in a cost effective, timely manner.

I love your articles on upcycling old furniture and using it again instead of buying new. As I have said so many times already, I think older well built furniture adds so much character to a room and to a home. Came back to pin this hub to my ‘Interior Design’ board. Western theme. Sand colors, pictures of adobe buildings or national parks, an old dried skull on the shelf, cactus plant.