Basement Finishing And Basement Remodeling In NE, IA, And MO

Taking an unfinished basement and turning it into a finished room for your home seems daunting, but the team at Elite Remodeling knows exactly how to get you what you want from your project.

Thanks for this informational Hub. I am planning on having a basement remodel soon, and some of the estimates I have received are crazy when you look at the fine print. It amazes me what some of these people find to be ethical and moral in terms of seemingly shady practices. If you have plenty of space, purchase a folding table or include an integrated counter to serve as a folding station. This way, clothes can be folded as soon as they are removed from the dryer. A folding station can also be used for sweaters that require flat drying. This looked fine with the painted ceiling rafters and the room now has that loft look just as I wanted.

Keep the space housing an HVAC unit or units and water heaters clear, open, and unfinished. These spaces have specific code requirements for spacing and framing, plus you’ll need access for inspection and/or repairs. You may be tempted to finish off this area, but keep it simple to avoid problems later. There are a few different ways you can finish your ceiling. Some may prefer to sheet rock the whole ceiling or you can use the drop ceiling which is quite simple to install. snakeslane, Well that’s different about the burlap wouldn’t you think it would be cheaper? Thanks so much for stopping by glad you enjoyed the hub.

Maintaining the same footprint allows us to make some necessary, but largely cosmetic changes right now, and leave re-plumbing the room for the future. Passes the tissues for the tears Thanks Tams! I agree, I wish there was a hystarical button too. Hmm, I will have to pass that idea off to my sister. Did you ever get a picture? That would be a great hub to write about. How to make a beer can curtain! LOL! Thanks again for stopping by. rfmoran, Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. It can be a lot cheaper to go with a dresser I think. Thank you so much for your kind comments RTalloni. The bathroom was so bland before this transformation.

Call or e-mail us today for your no cost/ free basement finishing quote by our licensed basement finishers! Bring YOUR space from Basement to Beautiful in no time at all! They are easy to install with the tongue and groove method and are definitely much cheaper than hardwoods. Dependent on what brand and style you choose, there are quite a few that are below-grade warrantied. These are just a few reasons choosing Badger Basement Finishing is the way to finish your basement for life.