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Polyurethane foam, commonly called expanding foam insulation, is closed cell foam insulation with high r-value, durability, and ease of use. Expanding foam insulation comes in a slow rise formula for walls and cavities that require low pressure and a fast rise formula for large areas and holes. Fast rise expands 8 to 1. Polyurethane foam is water resistant and soundproof. Whether planning a new home, addition, remodeling, or just plugging the air leaks of an older home, expanding foam insulation is the hands on favorite.

Our basement renovation products are top of the line basement finishing products, leading the standards in quality, durability and design. We offer two unique wall panel options that can be installed to make your basement a beautiful, comfortable, healthy and inviting place for you and your family for years to come. Thanks a ton for all the info you have here. You probably saved me alot of headaches and maybe even $.

If you are going to work with a contractor it is completely acceptable to ask for at least three different bids from three different groups. This is going to give a very accurate idea of the total costs and the level of control you will have over project. If you haven’t already – sign up for my newsletter and I’ll send you my basement cost estimator spreadsheet. It has all of these basement costs broken down per square foot so you can play with different variables. To FUNNY!! Great ideas using everyday objects. Lures and fishing poles as wall art. I say why not? Great Hub!

Thanks Simone, I had more to add to it, but due to loading issues, I had a hard time upload links, photo, and texts. Hopefully sometime today I can freshen it up. I am still digging around for more pictures to add to it. Glad you liked it! Drywall is the traditional material used for finishing basement walls. It gives a professional, finished look to basement rooms and maintains continuity with above-grade areas of the home. Drywall installation on walls is relatively easy, and the material is durable and easily repaired.

If you are negligent in the cleaning process, it can literally change the entire end effect. A substandard cleaning job will really show up once the final sealer or wax is applied, says Sargent. I like the fish hook idea. We don’t drink a lot of beer, but then again our neighbours aren’t close. I guess you could also string the cans together to make a hanging curtain. There are so many things to make from the cans. Those photos of the basins are designs I hadn’t seen before. Certainly more attractive than the standard sinks in our house.