Basement Finishing Pictures

Laundry duty ranks near the bottom of the list of household chores for most of us. It could possibly have to do with the fact that your laundry room is too small, located in the basement or garage. If that’s the case, then it’s time to consider a laundry room renovation. You spend enough time doing laundry, so the room should be inviting and filled with the latest innovations!

The eyebrow arch is a great consideration when replacing a front porch. The common circumstance is often adding a roof to the front entrance. Many colonial structures and ranches have no roof over the front entrance. This causes undo exposure to sun and rain. More importantly, IF completed with an eye to the architectural design as the photo sample below details, the added eyebrow entrance arch adds a great design element to your curb appeal of your home.

As a Remodeling contractor in Kansas City, KCHC has put together a detailed directory that may assist with homeowners and contractors looking to remodel their home. In many cases we find that homeowners choose to take on certain projects without the help of a general contractor. One common project is finishing your basement. If you choose to take on this projects by yourself it is important to get licensed subs to help with some of the more important phases of the project.

Transforming you basement into attractive, livable space can increase the value of your home and enrich your life. Fortunately, the job is easier and less expensive that you might think. In most cases, even a very ambitious project costs only a fraction of what you would spend to build an addition. These days, homeowners are demanding more living, working, and storage space. the space available in your basement can fulfill many of these requirements. There are many creative ways to redesign and implement your basement remodeling project to suit your family’s needs.

I spruced up my bathroom several years ago. The shower had a door. I removed the door and frame (they’re too hard to keep clean). In so doing I damaged a few of the tiles. I had a friend install new green board where the shower head is. I didn’t need to replace all the tiles, so I only did the bottom third all the way around. I chose a decorative tile as a separation between the existing beige tile and picked up some hunter green tiles for the lower third of the shower stall. My friend showed me how to lay the tiles, so I was able to do it myself.