Basement Finishing & Remodeling Contractor In Novi, South Lyon, Rochester & Livonia, Michigan

Enhance the value of your home and increase your living space by finishing or remodeling your basement.

These pages highlight code requirements and should not be considered a complete list of code requirements. Structural modifications, such as relocation of support columns, relocation of bearing walls, or reframing floor joists are not within the scope of these pages. A registered design professional should be hired to provide review and design services for structural projects.

Tile is certainly a valid basement flooring idea. However, just make sure that you are using some form of glazed floor tiles, you do not want to use the ceramic tiles that are used most commonly on bathroom walls and such. Those ceramic tiles are not typically used in a flooring application. Glazed flooring tiles are coated which makes them virtually impossible to penetrate due to the longer firing times spent in the kiln. Because they are typically fired much longer than ceramic tiles, that glaze gives the tiles some serious hardness and helps it withstand much more to the wear and tear of basically any flooring application, especially in the basement.

Fast and friendly response to our request for a quote. Consultant worked with us to find a design that would work best for our needs. Construction started earlier than expected as one contractor was available to start the work. Constant communication with all contractors and myself gave me assurance of what would be done that week and what was done by end of week. Finished product is just like the pictures in the book- neat, clean, and professional looking. I definitely am happy to have worked with all the friendly, knowledgable people at Buck Buckley’s TBF.

I am currently getting quotes from window companies. How do I know how low of a U rating I need? I want windows that are energy efficient and will last some time, but I do not want to pay an arm and a leg. I have seen prices (that include insulation) from 7600.00 to 2800.00. Also, how do you judge a warranty? I have read up on the efficiency ratings, but no where does it tell you what is idea for a specific region. This is extremely overwhelming when trying to make the best investment.