Basement Remodeling Ideas

These days with the housing market in the dumps and the current state of financial affairs ravaging the U.S. economy, people are looking for value-added materials and projects to increase their home values for one or two reasons. They either want to make it better than their neighbors so they can sell it as houses for sale right now are a dime a dozen or the latest housing market woes have really hit their house values hard. Either way, doing a little maintenance and replacing the siding on your current home could add a way for you to conquer each of these scenario’s.

Use a buffer with a black pad and scrub the floor thoroughly. Flood the floor with water and shop vac the floor to achieve the cleanest floor possible for concrete floor acid stain application. The drywall is another area that it really pays to have an expert. If you have not done drywall professionally, you will not be able to achieve the same type of results that a drywall contractor will produce. This will be the first thing that stands out to your wife, friends, and anybody else you show your basement off to. Never Remodel Your Basement Again! The Toughest Basement Finishing Products On The Planet! Water-Proof, Mold & Mildew Proof.

Here is MY favorite part of the basement, the bookshelves! I have always wanted a library for our whole family’s books. We had a pipe that had to be soffited along this wall, so it made a perfect place for built-ins. I pulled out a bunch of pictures of what I thought would work and my husband built it! If you have garden hoses, uncouple them from your outdoor faucets and completely drain them of water. Once they’re dry, store them in a storage building, in your basement, or in your attic. They’ll be ready to use again next spring. Great hub and you kept up with the redneck theme the whole way through. A good read and a good laugh.

A couple of the other ways that homeowners typically use to do remodeling projects is the reconstruction of the kitchen, as well as finishing off the basement. All of these, though, are great projects if you are undertaking the responsibility of increasing the value of your home through remodeling and construction. We finished the right side of the basement (approximately 450 sq. ft.) and added a door that opens to the unfinished side on the left where the laundry, furnace, water heater, and sump pump are located. Thanks for reading but due to my time out of the business my knowledge is limited with regard to the mfr. you refer to. My article is not manufacturer or price specific.

Can’t wait for the tutorial on the headboard, I absolutely love nailhead trim and need to make a headboard but have always been so daunted. Fresh drywall, fresh carpet, fix the access to the laundry, etc. Basically – make it look nice again. You can do a complete overhaul for very little money if you’re up for doing it yourself. And even if you aren’t, you can still get a lot additional equity by revamping this critical space. Best bet is to find a contractor who has built ‘partial sub-surface dwellings’ before, and has been successful at it, and then have him show you some pictures first.