Basement Remodeling In Seattle & Portland

So you own a home and the upstairs is just not enough living space for you and then you realize that you have a full basement below full of all the stuff you have in storage.

Determine how much you want to spend for the project. Then, prepare a sketch of the entire basement space. Do you want to add a basement bathroom or a laundry room? If so, it would be better to position them near the water heater. As plumbing infrastructure is already there, it’ll help reduce your costs. If you have decided you would like to have a basement bathroom then here is what I purchased and this toilet is remarkable for a basement bathroom.

How? Well, let’s break it down. Doing siding replacement not only updates your homes exterior to look fashionably new, but it’s also very cost effective in that gains/ROI of the actual job rank very highly. Spending extravagant amounts of money will not expand the pool of potential buyers. Most buyers look for finished walls, ceilings and floors in a remodeled basement as well as proper wiring to accommodate televisions and computers.

Many homes that add that attic bedroom can also increase their curb appeal with the eyebrow window. One eyebrow window goes a long, long way. The great item about the eyebrow window it bridges the gap and usually blends well with many different architectural designs. A home cinema is another great idea that many of you would love to copy! Which is your favorite idea? What is your next basement remodeling project going to look like? Let me know in a comment! I would love to have a home bar! Funny thing is that I never know how to store toilet paper for it not to look bad. I love how you did it! Voted up and pinned!

The Basement is a different environment that involves structure elements, moisture that can lead to mold as well as has high possibilities for leaks or flooding. This calls for material and a system that was specially created to cover all these factors and will last years after your investment. The process of staining a concrete floor, while not overly complex, can be tough to get the results you want from. Many folks are probably better off hiring a professional contractor but it’s not a risky project for the do-it-yourselfer.