Basement Remodeling Tips

Enhance the value of your home and increase your living space by finishing or remodeling your basement.

A drop, or suspended, ceiling offers a way to both conceal and provide access to electrical and plumbing lines via the removable tiles. You may have a preconceived notion that such a ceiling will look more like an office than a home, but there are plenty of attractive options available. These ceilings will reduce the amount of overhead space available, so keep that in mind when planning.

We also have ideas for the rest of the basement, but they are a bit more flexible. Right now we’re thinking a video area (couch and chairs, decently large screen), a mini-kitchen (sink, microwave and cabinets, perhaps with some kind of counter with seating), an area that could be a ping-pong table or a kitchen table if our parents moved in, and perhaps a workout area (big enough for perhaps two machines – treadmill and elliptical, for example). We’d also like to build some limited storage closets in wherever we can.

You can pick-up old stuff anywhere, rummage sales, yard sales, garage sales, tag sales, antique shops, in the paper, Goodwill, Church Thrift Shops. Dumpster Diving. There is a good way to get old stuff when the trash pick-up has their spring and fall big pick-up. All kinds of things end up on the curb. Our landfill also has a big sale once a year, they sell things that to them is good stuff.

Great hub. I so agree…use what we have. Your suggestions are spot on. About 20 years ago I was able to buy a 14 room historic home for a song. It needed so much remodeling that we started from the day we moved and until the day we moved out and made some progress. (Our reason for leaving was written about in a hub.) But we used and reused what we had. A dresser in the bathroom just gives a home a special look.