Basic Steps Of Basement Remodeling

Have you ever noticed how a room can grow and shrink with each successive phase of a project? In this case, I believe mounting the drywall sheets to the walls of our basement made the rooms grow a bit. Here are several photos at different stages of completion.

Installation can be difficult since most of the work must be performed overhead. Another drawback is the fact that service panels must be installed to allow access to wiring and pipes. Problems with plumbing involve cutting out, reinstalling and finishing the drywall. Hope that helps! It has been an amazingly fun and rewarding project. I hope it will add around $40k to the value of my house.

Basement finishing and waterproofing will add value to your property if you choose to place your house up for sale. If you are considering living in your house for many years to come, a finished, dry, comfortable basement can be a nice addition to your home. After you have determined on a basement specialist, be sure you have everything covered. Next door is our other daughter’s room. She’s been warned that she’s the first to get kicked out when guests visit since we put a queen size bed in. From drab to fab, adding accessories and a splash of color will transform your bathroom to showroom quality. Oohhh..I love it..especially the exposed brick wall with the fireplace. You guys did a fantastic job!

We bring your vision to life with our knowledge, positive attitude, and the TBF system. We will happily answer and questions you have along the way. And in the end, we know you’ll be impressed with the outcome – and how much you’ve enjoyed the process! Magic theme. Toys and props from Harry Potter – a wand, broomstick, wizards pointed cap. Statues of wizards on the dresser, a spell book, a cauldron, Star stickers on the walls, a stuffed dragon. Are you going to do the work yourself with all your spare time? I look forward to seeing your ‘after’ photos!

The Total Basement Finishing System is a complete basement renovation package. This means that you can count on us as your one-stop remodeling source- including the walls, waterproof flooring, ceiling, windows, lighting, electrical, and HVAC. A great idea to help you get motivated to do laundry is to organize the room. Add shelving or a bank of upper cabinets to store all of your laundry products. If everything is neatly organized and in its place, you might actually enjoy using the space!