Bathroom Remodel Before And Afters

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Losing the entire floor also meant losing all the plumbing that was underneath the house as well. All the existing bathroom fixtures, bathtub, sink and commode were useless without extensive replacement plumbing and new fixtures. Yes, I like corner vanities too though sometimes they’re a bit too small for my liking. Still, it really does depend on available space. Changing the rug or towels in the bathroom, or a new bedspread or curtains in the bedroom can change of the look of the room without any remodeling whatsoever.

If you are tech-savvy, you might want to invest in floor plan software that will make it even easier to plan a single room or an entire house. Some of these apps have free trials you can download from their websites which may provide enough features for you to do this at no cost. The second major DIY project maximises on the use of wall space by combining several mini projects into a complementary wall to wall scheme to create a practical and functional use of space as part remodelling the secondary bedroom. To start, we cut our Wonderboard to size, mixed up some mortar, and put down a hefty helping directly on the laminate.

There are multiple steam mops on the market today that are approved for using on your laminated flooring. As with any cleaning method, you may want to test a small area to start. I love the feeling of knowing it’s okay for my kids to play in the floor. Regardless of which method you choose, just remember that routine cleaning will help keep your floors looking new!

It had all of the basic info and tips on what I needed for replacing the toilet and lavatory/faucet/drain etc. Remodeling your basement and changing its interior design is a home improvement project that will pay for itself. This is a desirable investment because you only need to spend on remodeling. Plan a budget — Establish a budget limit for your bathroom remodel and stick to it. For those who need a helping hand to achieve their ideal bathroom, we offer reasonably priced financing.