Bathroom Remodel Ideas And Inspiration For Your Home

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Well, my house was almost completely renovated when I moved in. The only thing I didn’t replace were the kitchen cabinets, so I’d probably do those. I’m not sure how much cabinets run these days, and I’m sure it depends on wood, how many, etc. If I had enough money left after the cabinets, I’d consider a new roof. If you then find you don’t get on with this then the Dremel itself is a handy little tool that has hundreds of other practical DIY uses around the home.

Take out the soffit – install a few taller cabinets and glaze in your chosen color and then you have a completely new kitchen without the expense and time of a complete renovation. Great Job!! Where did you happen to find the paneling in the new bathroom? I love it & currently have the smaller beadboard but would love to change it out to the larger & think it would fit my 1947 house!!! I was seriously thinking about Corner Bathtub when i bought my apartment. Though When I tried a corner spa in my friend place I just got headache. It really takes forever to fill them full.

Here you’re looking at the back portion of the shower which will also be the way we’ll walk into the shower since the glass panel is freestanding without a door. I’m planning on using the hand hooks and bench area as a dressing space. We’ll hang our bath towels on hooks that we’ll place on the tile wall. You may opt to use another room in your house using a table top microwave, a small refrigerator, and hot plates.

Although white walls are very appealing to some of you, having no color on the walls often makes a room seem cold and uninviting. It also makes it very hard to decorate. If you must use pure white, use it for trim, fabric, or accessories with a color or even a light neutral shade on the walls. These glitches plus rain added an extra week to the project. Our contractor was great and made it so we were never without a two toilets for more than a couple of hours and never during the weekend. this is gorgeous = i can’t believe that is pottery barn!!! i want it – i want this bathroom exaclty!!! can i have it? hhaha!!!!