Bathroom Remodel Pictures (2)

In tough economic times, few of us are in the mood to go buy a new home and probably can’t sell the one we have anyway. So, more and more of us are looking for that fresh, new way to bring life to our existing home while adding lasting value that will reap a return on our investment dollar.

I find a $350 basic tub works just as well as at $3,000 tub. Avoid jetted tubs. They are expensive. They require additional electrical and permits, and to be honest, no one uses them. They just end up growing mildew in the pipes. Even many builders are now cutting them out. Replacing a bathtub with a spacious shower. A one-piece shower pan is a simple, leak-proof solution to the mistake-prone chore of traditional shower pan construction. Your idea is fantastic and you have great friends who pitched in. You must be very special to all your friends. Great hub. Enjoyed reading and voted up.

There are lots of amazing websites online which provide free photo galleries of kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and many more spaces in the home. These ideas are usually split into style categories such as ‘rustic’ and ‘contemporary’ – so you’re bound to find something you like! The nastiness under the toilet had seeped through all of the layers. I’m SO glad we got those out! I always knew there was a problem under that toilet. I’d get a cabin kit and build an entire house. There would even be a bit leftover for paint and insulation.

Your bathroom could have galvanized, cast iron or plastic drain lines and vents. If you have plastic, you’re lucky, because they’re easier to cut and join than metal pipes. Cast iron lines need to be snapped” (cut) with a soil pipe cutter, which rents for $12 to $25 a day. Awesome ideas. I have 2 bathrooms that need to be redone so reading this was quite timely for me. Thanks for sharing. Repaint or wallpaper-your bathroom receives an instant face-lift just by painting. Just as in the kitchen, don’t overlook different wall treatments such as a chair rail or wallpaper borders.

or bath remodel. While you may not be able to afford every extravagance for your project, our design team at Reno Renovators will surprise you with their skills, forethought and efficiency. Staying within your budget is important to you, so it’s important to us as well. I’ve seen those teeny-tiny UK bathrooms. Thanks for offering some storage ideas for us Yanks. Voting this Up and Useful.