Bathroom Remodel REVEAL! ~ Lindsey Does (2)

Our fixer upper that A and I purchased in Indiana was slowly becoming our dream. Room by room we repaired floors, walls, fixtures, and replaced furniture. When we learned of A’s relocation we knew we would have to start all over again. It’s not in the cards for us to purchase our dream home finished for us, plus it’s more fun to create that dream.

I don’t know if you’ve seen some of that faux wood tile recently, but they are getting GOOD. I had my heart set on this beautiful ash white specimen for much of the debate. I finally had to admit that wood floor tile would simply detract from the beauty of the natural teak-wood siding we were planning for. The toilet had never been sealed to the floor, caulked around, and there was a lot of pee and water that had seeped under it over many, many years. In the heat of summer I always felt like it smelled like pee even when the bathroom was just cleaned.

The 3X6 Crema Marfil marble tiles were laid in a staggered brick pattern in the shower and around the tub. We added trim around the tub for a more beefed up look. Okay, time to switch gears here. Let’s meander on over to our Guest powder bath that can officially be considered a full bath now since we’ve added a shower. WallSpan No Mold Joint Tape is a great complement to a moisture-resistant drywall installation. Like the ToughRock Mold-Guard drywall, this product is easily identifiable on the shelf because of its green color. The joint tape features a self-adhesive and is easy to apply to drywall joints in preparation for the joint compound.

is a great site for inspiration too. They have innovative tools to use too. But the blogs you’ve listed are great too. Decorology’s a good one. Nice post! Once you have a plan look on-line for the best prices. Researching every aspect of the remodel before you start the project helps ensure success. I purchased the hardware at Menard’s. It was fairly inexpensive. I opted for hardware with a little more feminine detail than I would normally lean towards. This helps balance the very straight lines on the vanities, which lack any detail. So, the knobs and handles dress them up a bit.

Here, we dig into the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) Design Competition archives to deliver great ideas from Certified Kitchen Designers that you can use in your next remodel. Curava is a company that makes counter tops using only day light for each slab. It is amazing. They use minimal electricity and they do not waste water. The samples that I have seen are really quite beautiful.