Bathroom Remodel Tile Ideas

When my husband and I bought our house this last May, we immediately knew that our master bathroom needed a complete makeover. We honestly hated everything about it and what made matters worse was the shower was unusable (yuck!). We started the re-model at the beginning of February. We hired a contractor to assist us with removing the old shower and installing a new soaking tub. My hubby did all the other work on his own. He is amazing!!!

You might also try painting one piece, changing the hardware, and maybe even add a marble, granite, tile, or Mosaic top to transform a standard piece of furniture into a fun, artsy, unique item. Decoupage and other techniques can also be used. Items in a room should coordinate and create a balanced, complementary look while serving as functional parts of your home but items that look like they came out of the box will make you feel like you are living in one. Think outside the box.

With the exception of consulting an architect and having the designs drawn up professionally, the only other trades people called in were the plumber, the electrician, and a framing carpenter. All the other work, including tiling, painting, hanging wallboard, and refinishing furnishings was done by the homeowners – two impressive and successful DIY home renovation projects.

Once you find the proper adhesive, it’s time to fix your shower door guide. We recommend finding one meant for outdoors that works with plastics and dries clear. Why? If it is meant for outdoor use, think of the temperature capability… you know it will be made to withstand triple digits as well as rain! And most plastics outside are useful plastics – like chairs, tables, things which need to be strong to handle the use as well as the elements.

pegcole17 Did you ever think of calling Ty from need a dream home? JK That would have been allot easier. Me oh my, nice bathroom!! I must look at the kitchen. You are quite the fixer upper. Gods hand must be on you sister. Great job. I pray that all your dreams come true with the sale of the home peg. God Bless you friend. Hugs Galore you need one after this job. Wow I am impressed.