Bathroom Remodeling In Phoenix

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All vanity hardware was replaced. The hinges ($12.98) are not my favorite but they will have to do – it’s a guest bathroom after all. The pulls ($20.79 for 10) on the other hand, I am loving them. I bought enough for our kitchen when we update that. More on that later. Way later! Come read the actual testimonials of our happy clients, as they describe the many positive changes they’ve experienced after a Feng Shui consultation.

I have an awkward shaped room that has a fireplace at one end, so close to the corner, with sliding glass doors beside it. The room is long and narrow and is a decorating nightmare….lol. This is a great resource for avoiding decorating mistakes. Bookmarked for future reference. While you search for your own little wheeled dream, take a trip through time and history with this engaging ode to the RV movement. It’s a nice way to get your camping wheels turning! Below are examples of where salvaged glass has been recycled around the home and garden which may help inspire you with ideas for your own home DIY Projects.

My only options were to 1) expand the inset hole to accommodate a new cabinet, or 2) close up the inset with drywall. I chose to close up the hole and do without a medicine cabinet. It irked me to pay more money to a contractor for an unexpected drywall project, and lose the space and convenience of my medicine cabinet. New Light Fixtures- Again, just like the faucets, contractor grade lighting just doesn’t stand a chance against upgraded light fixtures.

Well Peg, this was certainly an Experience worth sharing for those of us who think, ah, I could do that…NOT! It sounds like you’d still continue and I’ll bet you will be successful, don’t we learn from our mistakes…Thanks for sharing. Above is still the where shower will be but panned slightly to the left. You can see the soon to be installed tile stacked there in our bedroom. Thanks so much, Pam – the project turned out really well… they did a wonderful job transforming that space.