Bathroom Remodeling Reno, NV

Make remodeling your bath fun, not frustrating. Choose Lowe’s bath installation services for minor updates or a major bath remodel.

If you have never done plumbing work, it may be wise to contact a professional. With him/her you can discuss your needs and they will make suggestions within your budget. Angel Blessed I love the lens. You give awesome decorating advice and lovely photos to help the viewer visualize what you are talking about. Just a wee bit of advise. The only thing I would consider adjusting is the rows and rows and rows of Amazon lighting links. Break up the modules to be easier on the eyes with either content or large images.

Connect the sink to the trap and drain line, and the supply lines to the roughed-in copper lines with compression valve shutoffs. Mark, drill and mount the trap cover to the wall with hanger bolts. Hi Shari-I’m so glad you finally had an opportunity to read my hub. It was interesting that we both wrote about small spaces and chose our bathrooms, haha. I’d love for you to add the link to yours…I’ll do the same. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the read. Take care. The ONLY things we did to the cabinet was put some poly on the top, cut a hole in the back, and added a knob!

The floor and baseboards had been rotting away near the bathtub. The layers of linoleum by the tub had gone soft and discolored and the sub flooring underneath was soft. When the kids would take a bath water would actually go right through to the basement. You may need to pass a Home owners exam to demonstrate proficiency in specific trades in order to get a permit to do the work yourself.

One more important thing to note…I’m NOT superwoman and these two remodels DID NOT happen in just 6 weeks like the ORC typically operates. In full disclosure, we’ve spent a full 12 weeks from start to finish. My husband and I moving out west and are very interested in putting up a Quonset hut. How did your experience go? we remodel our 100 year old home so I think we are up for the challenge. It’s hard to find useful info. I’m curious how you insulated the walls and roof. Love your renovation! I’m over from YHL too. I’m considering something very similar for our 1957 master bath.