Bathroom Remodeling

Our master bathroom is finally done!! It was our most complicated DIY project to date, just because we had to move/add some plumbing. We have never attempted that before. It was extremely hard to get a before picture of the bathroom because it was 2 small tight spaces. One was a walkthrough vanity area and the other was the toilet, sink and stall shower.

And for your viewing pleasure, this is what it looked like a mere 12 weeks ago (although my hairstyle has changed at least 3 times since I actually took this picture). It is Mrs Renau, I estimated it to be around 11,000. with all the changes but I will consider giving you a call when I start this project. Courtney, your bathroom is gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS! I truly never believed a bathroom could be just so stunning! Exact measurements are taken so our bathroom renovation products fit perfectly over your existing fixtures.

Perform the demolition of the bathroom yourself. It’s back-breaking work, but will save you about a day in labor charges, as well as hauling charges. In addition, swinging a hammer once in a while can be fun and good exercise. People on a budget will be inclined to purchase vinyl tile flooring. This is great for people who are crunched for cash, but the vinyl will not last as long as its stone and ceramic counterparts.

Very informative and useful. Exactly what I needed right now. In Arizona, I use the Winter and Spring for reorganizing and decorating, too hot the rest of the year! Blessed by a Squid Angel! We went with a Behr color, I’ll share the name later because I can’t think of it. You can see it in some of the pictures above. It is basically Tiffany blue and I love it. With your material list and your scope of work you’re ready to start calling contractors. To find contractors I suggest asking friends and neighbors. You can also go down to your local home improvement store. I recommend showing up at 6 a.m. when it opens.

I love your articles on upcycling old furniture and using it again instead of buying new. As I have said so many times already, I think older well built furniture adds so much character to a room and to a home. Came back to pin this hub to my ‘Interior Design’ board. I suspect people back then were very prudish. The bathroom was just a place to get your business done and get out. No jacuzzi or anything fancy in those days. It is one of the loveliest bathroom redos that I have laid eyes on because YOU DID IT YOURSELF and LIVED TO TELL ABOUT IT!!!! It’s GORGEOUS and CLEAN, ANNE! Between this and the kitchen it certainly was a nightmare Peg. But you did a wonderful job and the bathroom looks great.