Benefits of Marijuana For Health

Along with the anniversary of the cannabis world on May 7, there are also voices that emerge that support for marijuana legalization is done. This is certainly a matter of controversy among the public. During this time the people know cannabis as one type of narcotics and of course its use is prohibited. Discourse legalization of cannabis use was issued citing a lack of research on the adverse effects of marijuana are valid. They also argue that turns behind the negative reputation of cannabis is actually there are many untapped benefits.

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Cannabis has been known only for its misuse (abuse) only. Cannabis has been attached to a negative value because there is no effort to develop in a positive direction. In fact, if used and maintained properly, the potential of marijuana with a variety of goodness can be enjoyed.

The marijuana plant are Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This compound is clinically proven to prevent blood vessel disease atherosclerosis. Medically itself, cannabis is widely used to treat glaucoma and proven to be effective for treating depression, loss of appetite, high blood pressure, anxiety, migraine and various menstrual problems. Besides, marijuana is also claimed to be used as a pain reliever, and treatments for specific diseases (including cancer).