Best Bathroom Remodel Ideas Bathroom Units (2)

Do have an older bathroom with tiled walls? If so, chances are that some of the tiles are cracked or chipped, and the tile grouting might be stained or beginning to come loose. Maybe you’re just tired of the old tile and want a newer, more modern bath. Replacing tile is messy, time consuming, inconvenient, and expensive. The old tile has to be torn out, the backer board has to be replaced, and the new tile and grout have to be installed. Much easier options lie in tub surrounds.

But it’s really hard to use the bathroom – for me – because there are no mirrors. I am making progress though. Because there are only 20 1/2 inches between the two sconces, traditional mirrors aren’t working for the space. They’re either way too wide, or the ones narrow enough are too short and would look truly goofy in the space. That’s why I instead have butcher paper cut into approximate shapes for my mirrors. I think I want them maybe one inch wider, but I can’t decide on the shape, either.

If you have a significantly higher-valued home, such as a $1.5 million mansion, you shouldn’t spend $150,000 on a single bathroom remodel because most of that money will go into the contractor’s pocket, except in rare circumstances where you order products like a solid stone bathtub, which cost about $40,000. Spending $75,000 to remodel a bath in such a high-value home would still be appropriate, however, since larger homes generally have larger bathrooms where luxury fittings are more, well, fitting.

As part of the design I decided to use some of the small decorative glass panes and incorporate them into the two doors. Although it may not be obvious from the photo I used the same method as for the built in larder mentioned above; namely cutting three squares into a sheet of pine for one of the doors and then repeating the process for the other door, each hole cut to size to fit each pane of decorative glass. The pine was then stained with dark wood stain to match the existing built in cupboard.

A shower arm does not always—or even usually—come with the new showerhead. This is because virtually all new showerheads will fit on your existing shower arm and will match reasonably well with the existing shower arm. Another reason is that there is a wide selection of shower arms available to go with more expensive installations, and people often like to pick out. If you want a shower arm that matches the metal finish of the new showerhead, it will most likely have to be purchased separately.