Best Bathroom Remodel Ideas, Tips & How To’s

A small bathroom in Manhattan is often a fact of life. Remodeling in New York City, NYKB has years of experience elegantly optimizing the limited space with clever small bathroom ideas. Designed by the experts at NYKB, small is no longer a limitation. Our experts in small bathroom remodeling will help you to incorporate your own personal touch into the design, creating just the look you dream of. There is no better place than NYKB for small bath remodeling.

Minimalist modern bathroom look in shape, with a large mirror and a small sink wide black ceramic into options to enhance the sink. ceramics in select colors so that the light does not give the impression rather not live but teapt looks clean. Limiting advance of a glass shower and dry can be seen clearly without any hindrance. For plenty of information on modifying and hacking all things IKEA, check the IKEA Hacker link in the links list.

Now that you know the process, the first step to take when beginning your bathroom remodel is to decide on your colors and materials. Take my list of materials and select your fixtures, tile and all your big ticket items. There are several opinions on the best way to take care of your flooring. Following manufacturers recommendations is always suggested but depending on the brand that can vary as well.

Wow, my diy skills are fairly good for some projects but hopeless for others. Loved the you tube videos. For some strange reason I never thought to check out youtube for diy. This is very helpful. Voted up and useful. Shame there isn’t a category for extremely useful! You have so many great hubs, and here’s another! I love all of your tips including Spruce it up and Dim it down, really good advice here. Thanks for sharing!

This week’s WTI was quite challenging for me, first thinking of an idea and then getting the photos to work. I must have taken a hundred! So here’s hoping what I’ve eventually come up with will be of use to someone. Mosaic tile can add a rich look to your space. You don’t need a lot to make a big statement. Try it as an accent in the shower or tub area, or as a backsplash in a half bath. Love how the stained stripe breaks up our white wall and helps tie everything together throughout the space.