Budget Bathroom Remodel II

My parents had their bathroom remodeled over the summer, and for some dumb reason, I didn’t think to blog about it until now. I mean, it was done by the local Buckel Remodeling -which, full disclosure, is my boyfriend’s dad.

and the new door entrance to the back room, now shifted to the left. Cherry cabinets, toilet and free standing shower (no tub since we have teenagers) will all go back here. Do you have a tub in your small bath? Could you get away with installing a shower , instead? A shower stall can take up significantly less space than a tub. I really learned a lot from reading your page. (I am now taking an inventory of my living quarters to see where I can make some improvements.) Thanks for the great info!

In this final example the glass for the two glass panelled doors was salvaged from the front porch when we renovated it and replaced the old small glass squares with larger glass windows; storing these small decorative panes in the shed in the event of possible future use. Dear Derdriu-thank you for your insightful comments. I love that you have such a keen eye for the photos! Thank you so much for your support of MY ‘dream bathroom’ haha. Hub Hugs to you. (PS…Apologies for my late response. I’ve been out of touch for a week due to my spiritual retreat-no computer access).

Small bathroom vanities are wonderful additions to your bathroom, no matter its size. There are lots of pros, and also cons, to these pieces of furniture. Before you buy, check out my tips below! If your bathroom is on the smallish side and you want it to appear larger without giving up the luxury of a bathtub, a small corner tub might solve your dilemma. On the other hand, if space isn’t a problem, you might opt for a large soaking tub that’s large enough for two. Great ideas and pictures of wainscoting. You have some great information. Wainscoting can make a dramatic effect on a room.

Nice lens! The kitchen designs are excellent and liked them a lot. I will recommend this to one of my friend, as she is in a plan to design her kitchen newly. Great lens! I have just bought two Parker Knoll chairs myself to revamp so this lens has been very helpful. Maybe i will make a lens about my revamp too! Unlike most other flooring choices, concrete will wear well. If you are a busy cook, have a busy family and need the lowest possible maintenance choice, this may be a great option for you and your family. Fantastic on both durability and maintenance. So, what to do when you want to turn a small, dull area into something that is appealing and acceptable-accessories and color.