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Mark McClain has been involved in the drywall industry all of his life. His father started McClain Drywall over 30 years ago in San Jose, CA. The company has evolved from McClain and Sons to McClain Brothers Drywall and Mark has evolved into a skilled craftsman. With his brother Scott, they have run the business for the last few decades.

Home owners need to have an inspection done before they offer the property for sale. An independent inspection carries more weight with buyers than an owner minimizing visible problems who will be suspected of hiding major ones. Home owners may not know the answers to questions about wiring, the last termite check and the expected remaining life of the HVAC equipment.

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Jacksonville Drywall Repair

So I’m sitting there in my new house looking at my beautiful paint… How DO people put up indoor Christmas lights? Why do theirs always look so much better! Does everyone put big giant nails in their walls? I sure wasn’t about to put extra holes in the walls of the first nice house I’ve ever lived in!

SECRET TIP TO MAKE OLD MOLLY BOLTS DISAPPEAR: If you have a molly bolt in the wall, you’ll find them difficult to remove without making a huge hole. So don’t try to remove the molly. Instead, use your handy hammer and a screwdriver and tap it lightly till the metal collar is slightly depressed below the level of the wall. Cover the entire head with a layer of drywall compound and voila… all gone!

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How To Repair A Hole In Your Ceiling Drywall

So I was having an unusually hard week. I’m about to move after 3 years of living at the same place, so the stress of moving, in addition to getting stuff done at the new place – which had been a nightmare – and all this in addition to my day job. So in summary a pretty bad week, which was made terrible by having to deal with the most difficult ineffective people.

If you have done everything above and are still experiencing high HVAC costs, it may be time to replace your system. As costly as it sounds, the savings you’ll experience over the next several years will pay for itself. Luckily for consumers like us, releases a yearly list of the most efficient central air conditioners and heaters Contact your local HVAC company and discuss with them some of your options.

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When you hire a real estate agent, he or she will give you advice on making the property perfect for the market. They may give you the names of house staging teams or cleaning crews to make the home ready for potential buyers.

Thank you all for your comments. A tool belt is an important part of any handyman or women. There is nothing I dislike more then going into the garage to find my tools when I am working in the house. So having a tool belt to keep them near is a real time saver. With all coats of repair compound applied and fully dry, use a sanding sponge to smooth the surface, giving attention to feathering the edges flush with the surrounding wall surface. Remove sanding dust and apply an appropriate primer before repainting the wall or ceiling.

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Repair Small To Medium Size Holes In Drywall And Wallboard

Each crew is trained in both drywall repair, skim coating, and traditional plaster finishing so you are assured that your job will be done correctly. Our professionals are expert in a wide variety of repairs including: nail pops; settling cracks; earthquake damage; water and moisture related problems; and repair work from upgrading electrical, lighting and closets. We specialize in small jobs, are experienced in dust barrier protection, and thorough clean-up. Our crews will save you time and effort because they can complete repair work and painting – one contractor to do both jobs.

Insulation isn’t exactly an easy problem to fix, especially in areas such as walls, in between floors, and other tight pots. These areas usually have to be insulated during the construction of the home or during a renovation of it as they’re only accessible with the drywall removed. So unless you’re a licensed contractor you’ll be better … Read More

Drywall Texture Finish Mud Plaster. How To Cure

I just remodeled my kitchen myself and hired Del Pozo to finish/mud and texture the drywall. I’m very picky about people I hire due to the fact I have a good understanding of what needs to be done…and how it should be done.

Inside, look for brown stains on ceilings, particularly around fireplaces, light fixtures, skylights, and inside closets. These are indicative of roof leaks that may or may not have been repaired. (If the seller reports that the roof was repaired, ask for written verification.) When you see signs of water leaks at light fixtures, you may also be seeing a fire risk. Similar stains on vertical walls can reveal broken plumbing.

Makita makes good drywall screw gun,while other companies that offer these tools work just as well, you need to know the type of tools on a budget, moreover you’re on a drywall budget and you want to … Read More

Drywall Repair & Installation

Sometimes walls are not properly sized before wallpaper is installed. This makes wallpaper removal difficult. Often times you will find several layers of wallpaper installed on drywall.

I contacted David at Wall Eye Drywall Repair on a Sunday morning and he was able to come out and attend to my needs the very next day. He was prompt, professional and did an outstanding job. He is organized, has a keen attention to detail and works very clean. He was in and out of my home in an evening, I could not have asked for anything more. I will certainly be keeping his contact information for any needs that may arise in the future, and highly recommending him.

Molly bolts are basically screws with a metal sleeve that splits into wings at the far end when the screw is turned. The wings grip the wall and secure the screw. Shorter mollies … Read More

Ceiling Drywall Repair Cost

From jobs as small as patch work in student apartments to a conference center with over 1,000 sheets hang and finish, World Painting has the experience and resources to complete all aspects of drywall hanging and finishing. We also offer flood restoration work which includes the three years experience we obtained in hurricane stricken New Orleans Louisiana tearing out and finishing. In addition, we offer specialty textures that include Venetian plaster, level five finishing, etc… We have the confidence to take your project from tear out to paint and beyond.

The object of the second, or block, coat is to remove any imperfections (there will be many) in the tape coat and to extend the width of the applied joint compound. The three types of joints are treated somewhat differently, although all with the eight or ten inch knife. I bought some of those push fittings and I think they … Read More

Commerical Drywall Repair

and add three inches. The butterfly patch can patch a hole from two inches to twelve inches. After you measure the widest part of the damage, add three inches to your measurements and cut a new piece of drywall that size. This cut does not have to be exact. To cut the drywall, but the finished side up and score the cut lines with the razor knife, break at scored marks. Now put the finished side of the drywall face down and score the back of the drywall all the way around about 1.5 inches.

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Repairing Drywall With Butterflies Part 1

Drywall tool repairs performed by the All-Wall experts – Guaranteed, smooth running drywall tool repairs. Your drywall tool repair is our top priority, and we know that automatic taping tools are at the heart of most profitable drywall jobs. It’s important that your drywall tools keep tapin’ and performing at their best. Your in good hands with All-Wall – We have the largest inventory of parts to repair drywall tools in the world! TapeTech Repairs, Columbia Taping Tools Repairs, Blueline USA Repairs, Drywall Master Tools Repairs – The All-Wall Drywall Tool Repair Department is committed to keeping your drywall tools on the job.

After the mud drys, sand it with some 100-120 grit sand paper, and apply the next coat keeping in mind you’re aiming for a smooth, gradual slope. Almost completely horizontal. Apply a lot of pressure to your knife and pull it at a 20 degree angle or … Read More