Commerical Drywall Repair

and add three inches. The butterfly patch can patch a hole from two inches to twelve inches. After you measure the widest part of the damage, add three inches to your measurements and cut a new piece of drywall that size. This cut does not have to be exact. To cut the drywall, but the finished side up and score the cut lines with the razor knife, break at scored marks. Now put the finished side of the drywall face down and score the back of the drywall all the way around about 1.5 inches.

Good day to everyone out there this is Erin with Honolulu Hawaii sheet rock installation in carpentry services, as you can see we try to blog at least once a week here to our audience that understands how important it is to do high quality construction work, moreover the benefits of having a good carpenter to frame the walls prior to installing sheet rock plaster cornerbead or any other type of material that hangs off the original framing and foundation of a condominium, apartment, home, it doesn’t matter where it’s all about how good you are.

When the mud is dry it will turn bright white and its time to sand. Get out your sanding block. Using your sanding block, lightly sand off bumps and ridges and get it as smooth as possible. Try not to sand too far and gouge into the tape. As you sand, use your shop vac to suck up as much dust as possible because this stuff gets everywhere, and I mean everywhere, so also wear a mask. They sell a new type of drywall mud that creates less dust but I haven’t tried it yet, if you have, let me know how it works.

I did not think of photographing this area before starting. Suffice it to say that the damaged area was nearly as long as the patch. It was not nearly that wide, though heavily worn. Since I was patching anyway, I made it as wide as the scrap material permitted, thus reinforcing the weakened area that tends to take the most wear on this type of seat.

Mona Culberson began working on the assembly line at a large manufacturing company in 1983, where she worked her way up into several positions of business responsibility. In 2005, she began a career in roofing, interior design and remodeling. She works daily as a professional painter/home remodeler/handywoman while lending her husband’s roofing business a helping hand in her spare time.