Complete Bathroom Renovation

This is the first in a short series of videos showing how to remodel a bathroom. This video shows how to remove everything from the bathroom (excluding the tub), to get ready for new flooring. Subsequent videos show how to install vinyl tiles with grout and how to install beadboard and a new faucet.

The main reason we began the remodel was to get rid of the carpet and lay down tile. Secretly I dreamed of new tile around the sinks (especially the part right under the mirror), new cupboards, new faucets and a new light fixture. I did not expect such a dramatic transformation, but I got it! I found this blue bathroom along with a really great post from some people who did a 1940’s style remodel just last year. Again, the tile countertop. And that same great floor pattern. After reading your hub, Bathroom Remodels: Bathroom Sinks and Vanities, with Video Tours. I have a much better idea where to start.

Talk to your neighbors, friends and family about their projects. Use Angie’s List to find local bathroom remodeling professionals and read consumer reviews on their work. It is a well known fact that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. Ironicly, these two rooms are the most costly to update. Look at these two areas as if you were looking to buy your home. Where I went wrong was not having a complete home inspection performed before I jumped into this investment. Had I hired a professional, which is usually at the expense of the buyer, I would have saved thousands of dollars for this small fee of a couple hundred dollars.

It also helps to do some research on your prospective contractor. Don’t be afraid to ask for pictures of their previous jobs. And also be wary of contractors who have a wide open schedule. If they are not involved in a lot of projects, there is probably a reason for that. Brittany – Thank you, too! I was thinking of doing small glass jars on the shelves. Good idea of what to put in them!

That depends on the scope and size of the project, and the amount of work involved. After we meet with you to discuss your plans, we can give you an estimated timeline. Be assured that we make it a priority to stick to the timeline and keep the project moving according to schedule. Repairing instead of replacing some things could avoid headaches and cost less, depending on the amount of time and material it would take to repair them. Chip away old tile, cut away wood rot and remove any moldy sheetrock. This is a fun way to put your trusty sledgehammer to use! Also, check out these Hubs from my good friend Frank L. Wright (not to be confused with the architect, mind you).