Consumer Protection Against Contractor Fraud In Virginia

Need to reach AZ ROC in general? Send all correspondence to: Arizona Registrar of Contractors, 1700 W Washington Street, Suite 105, Phoenix, AZ 85007-2812. If you have any questions, please call 1-877-692-9762 (1-877-MY-AZROC).

Prior to each massage, Antoine leaves at least 20 minutes to prepare himself physically and emotionally. He does stretches to loosen up his muscles, and he clears his mind so that he will be more sensitive to the needs of each client. Often he listens to relaxing massage music he has compiled for his sessions. He also takes the time to prepare the room, including preparing the sheets, blankets, towels, oils, and lotions he will use.

Erosion control for utility construction (Storm sewer, sanitary sewer, water main, ETC.): A. Place excavated trench material on the high side of the trench. B. Backfill, compact, and stabilize the trench immediately after pipe construction. C. Discharge trench water into a sedimentation basin or filtering tank in accordance with the dewatering technical standard No. 1061 prior to release into the storm sewer, receiving stream, or drainage ditch.

If you were hired or reclassified as an independent contractor by an employer, and some of the above does not pertain to you, you should consider contacting an employment attorney—initial consultations are almost always free. Don’t let these types of companies get away with what they did to you, and don’t allow them to continue to take advantage of people.

With her present certification, Carmen provides breathing assistance to patients whose breathing is impaired from such conditions as pneumonia, bronchitis, emphysema and asthma. Using a suction device, she removes mucous from the lungs. She also teaches patients how to use aerosol inhalers as well as portable oxygen delivery systems as doctors prescribe. Carmen works closely with doctors, licensed practical nurses, medical assistants and other medical professionals in determining and administering treatment to patients.