Contemporary Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Home decorating and design magazines are a great source of ideas and advice, but if you want a free source of info, you’ve come to the right place!

Knowledge to make repairs to drywall, replace tile and easy plumbing fixes led the way to more difficult and challenging renovations. As more and more people started looking for home renovation information, sites began springing up all over the world-wide-web. Teeny cabinets are gone! Can you believe they were only 32 inches tall? The floor was protected as we were keeping the existing tile.

An excellent hub on remodeling on a budget. Great tips. Love the idea of turning a dresser into an island for the kitchen as well as the bookcase for cookbooks etc. Voted way up, useful, awesome, interesting and will share. The furniture was moved, but never completely moved out of the room. The dressers were too heavy and there was no place to put the bed. We worked around the furniture without too much difficulty.

While addressing those issues it’s important to open a discussion about bathroom ventilation and how a proper fan system can improve the air quality and the longevity of not just the bathroom but the whole house by exhausting moist warm air that can promote mold and mildew growth. From simple updates to a complete bathroom tear-out and re-build, we can do it all! Call Dun-Rite for a free in home estimate! The remodel is also less likely to look dated 10 years from now, because we avoided using anything overly trendy.

Beautiful lens, Send Angel duet on you way. Usually the interior design reflect our personality, but this doesn’t mean that we stop learning and improving. Great Hub. These are all great ideas for redoing your bathroom. I agree that kitchen redos are key to adding value to your home and bathroom comes in 2nd place. We pull a plywood board across the gap and fit the extra cushions into the space allowing our toddler and/or dog to join us in one big king size plus bed.