Contractors And Workers

Independent contractors are only independent for tax purposes, you know. They are not always that independent otherwise.

In the end, you may have to deviate from the rates you initially set for yourself, and that is okay, especially if it ends up working in your favor, such as lowering your rates but getting continual work with an agency. The main thing is to establish a baseline of your rates in advance, taking all factors into consideration, and to also determine in advance which elements you are willing to negotiate. Remember that when it comes time for you to sign the contract, you want to do so with confidence.

Specifically with regard to employment rights, most statutory employment protections apply to employers and employees but do not apply to independent contractors. For example the requirements the state and federal minimum wage laws and federal overtime laws protect only employees who are employed by an employer. The Texas Payday Law protects only an employee who is employed by an employer. None of these laws protect an independent contractor – even if the independent contractor was paid less than minimum wage or overtime or was not paid at all for her work.

Since roofing is considered to be a high risk profession, carrying the proper liability coverage is a necessity. Roofer’s insurance is relatively expensive. Many contractors try to cheat by not carrying the proper insurance. They will often negate to mention that their company does roofing. If this is the case, the roofer and the business will be walking on thin ice. Accidents are unforeseen, and carrying the proper insurance policy is the best, and safest, way to protect the roofer as well as the contracting company.

Lastly, the fact that women are not allowed to drive and they need to call a cab. The cab driver would obviously be a man, and therefore, going to one place to another would means being in a car with another guy (the driver)…would that be safe? I’m just thinking that if I get a job and I need transportation to work, I’m not sure if I would feel comfortable being in that situation after reading what you have written about the way they treated women.