Decorating Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Remember THIS ? And THIS ? And then THIS ? Yes, you remember… there were all sorts of updates along the way. The bathroom remodel project is now done! It’s been done for a few weeks. I still have some painting to do in the laundry room area, but generally it’s done.

For a complete list of required documentation for zoning and building plan review, download the Residential Permitting Guide (PDF) for new construction, addition or change of occupancy work. One-piece. These sinks often feature pedestal setups where the sink, typically porcelain, is supported by a matching porcelain pedestal base. Some landfills have recycled building materials available. The one in my area has antique/vintage doors, windows, hardware, etc. for a fraction of the cost of new materials.

The shelving is a wicker shelf from my old house painted black. The wall switches are the original white ones that came with the house and repainted black as well as the base boards. I got a deal on the paint because the can was dented and the put it on clearance. We order the products you want, and then issue a tentative schedule (based on the product arriving in a timely manner). Adding or replacing showers and bathtubs. Our new showers and baths will add life and freshness to your home.

Did not make it into Creating with the Stars, and the last round is this week actually! Kinda relieved because the caliber of projects the contestants have made this year would have been really hard to compete with, especially with how much overtime I’ve had to work lately. My grandmother’s bathroom in Scotland in the 60s was very spacious. She lived in a top-floor tenement flat that was huge…of course, now it’s all cut up…probably into 4 flats. The benefits of the radiator shelf are twofold, firstly it reflects heat rising from the radiator into the room and secondly it provides additional shelving for your favourite ornaments.

You should go check it out Audrey; you can see the whole inside& out & it reminds you much of the porch! lol I know it could be redecorated to look good but why on earth they went with this theme (whatever it is) I cannot imagine! I thought my bathrooms were small, but these are really small. Wonderful suggestions for storage and décor. Voted up! I don’t think I have a decorating pet peeve. I know what I want and I’m very peculiar with the colors I choose in paint. I have a color in my head and will look as long as it takes to get it right and if I can’t find it I make it.