Denver Bathroom Remodeling Services

In some instances, certain types of flooring are more appropriate than others depending on room’s function. For instance, tile in the bathroom makes more sense than tile in the bedroom.

Layout: NYKB will conceptualize and design your bathroom layout which involves where your new cabinets, water technology, and backsplashes will go and map out the dimensions (how tall, wide, and deep). We will also implement unlimited revisions until you are completely satisfied with your bathroom design. We consider all the customers needs including tub to shower conversions, installing elderly walk in tubs and easy access showers.

When it is a buyer’s market, there are more homes for sale than there are potential buyers. This forces sellers to lower prices in the hopes of gettin a sale. It is in the buyer’s market that home improvements and upgrades come into play the most. In this market, buyers tend to be more selective and look for homes that have already been upgraded. By doing most of the work themselves, home owners receive instant equity for the savings over having a contractor complete the work.

The attic access proved to be the solution for this room. It was just deep enough to accept a full-size fiberglass tub, and just tall enough for an average-sized person to stand up in the tub. The attic wall was removed just the length of the new tub, and an operable skylight was let into the roof, adding a bit more height, as well as some much needed light and ventilation.

People who live in regions with hard water are especially likely to experience this problem, as well as people who rely on cistern water. Minerals (and sometimes other impurities) in the water are also what is causing the short life of your coffee maker. But if your showerhead is the original installation from when the house was built in the 1960s, it should be no surprise if it has become clogged over time.