DIY Remodeling The 1940s Duplex. (2)

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Loved by thousands of personal and professional users all over the world, RoomSketcher is the perfect home design and floor plan software for your needs. Get started creating your bathroom remodel today with RoomSketcher! We put up beaded wainscoting in our long, high, narrow hall. We kept the upper walls white, and painted the wainscoting cream. Every one said it would make it seem narrower…not a bit…it looks wider and certainly has more elegance and character. Fantastic resource here for anyone wanting to attempt this project.

Now, we’ll move on into the guest bathroom. Our main goal here was to 1) get RID of the mirrors (see below) and 2) add a shower so guests didn’t have to share with us or the kiddos. And we got our renovation investment back several times over, while the buyer felt she got a fair price, too. Which is a good thing, because we run into her now and then! In the final step, I applied two coats of semi-gloss paint. The installation went just as planned with one exception on the final wall, I’ll talk about that below.

When my grandmother’s 1950s free standing larder became mine we had nowhere to put it so I dismantled it for the wood keeping the glass and enamel bread board in the event that I could find a future use for them. Really insightful. I have a focal point, which happens to be the stylish cabinet, but I never knew it was called a focal point just some natural instinct that something has to stand out and be the centre of focus in my home. I have learnt a lot from this lens. Thank you!

I went with a brushed nickel finish. Oil Rubbed Bronze hardware is lovely. But it’s very trendy right now, and I think it is more likely to look dated sooner than chrome or nickel will. Working from the middle outward should happen throughout the whole project. At one point we forgot this rule and our last tile ended up being a bit of a tight fit in the last row.