DIY Remodeling The 1940s Duplex. (3)

Basement finishing offers the best value for adding additional living area to any home. Bringing one of the best returns on investment while enhancing family living. Increasing valuable living space and home value in much less time, while being non-intrusive to your everyday living. More & more homeowners throughout Greater Boston are taking advantage by utilizing valuable wasted space & creating beautiful living spaces in their basements!

Space theme. A wall mural again with a space scene. Ceiling painted black or dark blue, with dots for stars and perhaps with a constellation or two. Space photos on the walls, printed out from the NASA website A model of the space shuttle, put together by the child and sitting on a dresser. Thanks for the comment and feedback Sid! A modern laundry room makes this almost daily chore much more tolerable!

I have recently created a new How To Stain Concrete Blog to keep up with the every days changes in the industry. So drop by when you have a chance and you might learn something which is not covered here. Make it a Great Day! The stairs to the second floor were mad like a ladder, terrible and hard to climb. The stairs going into the basement were also straight down. We had to redo all of that and redo the bathroom.

Very, very nice and your blog is a life saver. We are remodeling a 70’s house for our downsize, but the ceiling is full of newly sheet rocked boxes” which hide the heating/air components. White is not right at all because all the different angles give off shadows. Do fix cracks and flaws: make sure that the concrete floor is smooth before installing any kind of flooring as well as ensuring that the surface is level. A substrate membrane or backer board can be used to create a smooth surface. aviannovice, Thank you. We have reused many things in our house already and I’m sure we will use more. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to be taking down walls and opening up kitchens and bathrooms without a professional. There are such things as load bearing walls, and the removal of them can create structural issues that might see your house on the condemned list. Knowledge is power Enelle! Thanks, I love it when I can DIY and surprise everyone-great feeling. Thank you for sharing!