Drywall Repair And Installation Services By World Painting Company

Mark McClain has been involved in the drywall industry all of his life. His father started McClain Drywall over 30 years ago in San Jose, CA. The company has evolved from McClain and Sons to McClain Brothers Drywall and Mark has evolved into a skilled craftsman. With his brother Scott, they have run the business for the last few decades.

Home owners need to have an inspection done before they offer the property for sale. An independent inspection carries more weight with buyers than an owner minimizing visible problems who will be suspected of hiding major ones. Home owners may not know the answers to questions about wiring, the last termite check and the expected remaining life of the HVAC equipment.

Hi, Patrick – I wish we were good record-keepers, but we’re not 🙂 I have no idea what our cost per square foot is, but I can tell you the approximate cost of our items…the hopper gun was about $70, the knockdown blade was about $20, the mixer drill attachment was less than $15, and each box of texture is about $13. We already had the compressor. Hope this helps!

After drying the block coat you are ready to apply the final, skim, coat of joint compound. This is the last chance you will have to produce a perfect job, so make the best of it and check carefully for any imperfections in the block coat. Remove all protrusions and any trash that has made its way into your work. A light sanding is recommended, but may not be necessary depending on the quality of what you have accomplished so far.

From what I can tell, the Wall Doctor Repair Kits were already being sold for about a year when Dr. Lewis auditioned in front of the Sharks this past fall. In that short amount of time over 90,000 units of the Wall Rx had already been sold, which is really an incredible number for a brand new start-up if you think about it. To achieve these impressive numbers, Jim had a little Home Improvement Center by the name of Lowe’s that was more than interested in selling Wall Doctor Repair Kits In fact Lowe’s loves this new drywall repair kit so much, they already carry the Wall Rx Brand in all of their 1700 stores.