Drywall Repair & Installation

Sometimes walls are not properly sized before wallpaper is installed. This makes wallpaper removal difficult. Often times you will find several layers of wallpaper installed on drywall.

I contacted David at Wall Eye Drywall Repair on a Sunday morning and he was able to come out and attend to my needs the very next day. He was prompt, professional and did an outstanding job. He is organized, has a keen attention to detail and works very clean. He was in and out of my home in an evening, I could not have asked for anything more. I will certainly be keeping his contact information for any needs that may arise in the future, and highly recommending him.

Molly bolts are basically screws with a metal sleeve that splits into wings at the far end when the screw is turned. The wings grip the wall and secure the screw. Shorter mollies are for drywall and you can use longer ones for plaster walls with caution. Molly must be long enough to go through the lath behind the plaster. However, drilling into plaster walls can be tricky because if you hit the lath, the drill can push the lath away from the plaster causing it to crack and fall off. See the Pro top box at the top of this section for how to avoid that.

I live in a college dorm, and I have this tapestry I have been struggling with all semester. It just keeps falling down. I tried hooks, but they didn’t stick very well to the textured wall, so I tried duct taping them. That still didn’t work. The air conditioning vent is on my side of the room, and I think that it is what makes it fall. Any suggestions? I was thinking if I could get magnets to somehow stick to the back of the fabric it would be easy to hang that way.

Apply two coats of primer to the repaired area. One coat probably won’t be sufficient, as joint compound tends to soak up paint and create an unfinished look. Apply both primer and paint with a roller if at all possible, since paint brushes may leave brush marks. Home centers have small foam rollers for such repair work that are cheaper and easier to clean than larger rollers.