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Changing your bathroom to a modern bathroom style is a great option since a bathroom is one of the parts of the house that not so often changed. Different from other room that can be rearranged or remodeled easily, the bathroom needs to have full renovation in order to give it a different look. That is why finding bathroom remodel ideas for your old bathroom need to be done thoughtfully and detailed so that you get the best result.

Yes, there is: You have to apply joint compound—or Teflon tape—to all (or almost all) threaded fittings. If you don’t use one or the other of these, the spot where two pieces are screwed together will leak. I prefer joint compound, a gooey paste that acts as a waterproof glue” to keep threaded fittings from leaking. The vanity is a very deep brown but when placed next to our black and white flooring, it looks more black. But we really love the vanity! We were a little nervous about the ‘espresso’ color but it ended up not being an issue.

Since bathroom remodels always consist of design elements, waterproofing, tiling and plumbing, we decided to take things to a new level of efficiency. Really honing in on these skill sets, refining and developing proprietary methods of our own, to deliver our clients a superior finished product at a refreshing price point. Hahaa, I’m definitely one of those tiny bathroom owners! Love your ideas, and your URL is fine! We’ve actually found that having slightly different URLs and titles can be useful.

Sounds like your wife knows the ways of men. My husband’s habit used to be forgetting which was his towel and using any one he came across. We’ve got that fixed now with his own special rail! Your living space can be taken to a new level of comfort and class with an NYKB upscale bathroom remodeling. Designed by New York City’s most refined experts at NYKB, your new luxurious bathroom can become the starting point for your elegant home, or be the final piece that completes your home lifestyle. Thanks so much. I am always looking for ways to make my space more functional. Thanks for stopping by.

Sheila, we have friends with a fridge in their bathroom…plus two toilets, a large hot tub, a walk-in shower, and a sauna! I just had a new bathroom built for my bedroom. It’s small compared to home bathroom. This hub with the tip using the net bag as storage just gave me some ideas that I could use. Thanks. If you think of hanging pendant lights for kitchen islands as long, skinny fixtures, think again, because design options for these lights are as vastly unique and beautiful as you can imagine. You can help the HubPages community highlight top quality content by ranking this answer up or down.