Finished Basement Photos

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If you want a beautiful concrete floor this is a small expense to consider when you live with these beautiful floors for at least a few years. Take the time to do this step and it will pay dividends beyond the small amount of time and money it takes to do it. shiningirisheyes, Thank you, your right my husband is more than handy. He can do just about anything when it comes to building. He’s working on the living room now. Thanks you for stopping.

Our seamless paintable wall panel system is a great alternative to the prefinished EverLast wall panel. Our paintable panel is prefect for the homeowner who wants to accent their basement walls with color! The view to the north from the stairs shows the closets on the north end of the family room more clearly. The pieces of drywall that don’t match the majority are simply scraps left over from prior projects. A conduit bending guide with instructions on how to bend emt conduit. Learn how to bend conduit easily and effectively with a hand bender. The dramatic color change on the vanity was a huge improvement, and I enjoyed seeing your bargain curtain-very clever remake.

Here at Buck Buckley’s Total Basement Finishing our basement finishing products include a 50-year warranty on our basement wall panels, a 30-year warranty on our ceiling tiles, and a wide variety of waterproof flooring. Originally constructed to not serve as a living area, there are factors that you should look into first to be able to maximize functionality and comfort. It would be best to let your hired contractor or other qualified professionals evaluate the area first to know the extent of problems and the appropriate solutions to implement. Ready to get started? Schedule a basement design appointment and get a free estimate to turn your dream basement into a reality.

Some of the common problems include flooding and water infiltration, in which case an expert needs to be called in to remedy the problem before floor installation can be done. It is important to first seal your basement from moisture infiltration and water before any kind of remodeling work can begin. Hi Robert! The cans were added after the ceiling was painted and I believe our contractor painted them before installing because they are definitely not silver. I hope that answers your question. Good luck on your project!