Finished Basement Remodeling Contractors In Livonia, MI

Our award-winning design team can help bring your vision to life to add additional livable square footage to your home. Our designers are well versed in the current code requirements and additional factors to consider for basement remodels and can help guide you through this process.

I made a decorated one of these for my clothes pins. Don’t forget to jab holes in the bottom of this clothes pin carrier with an ice pick, for when you forget and leave it on the line when it rains. The clothespins don’t do well when they sit in the water for a couple of days and the holes in the bottom help drain them. Josh2008, if you check out the links above, they will give you a good starting place. Also you can check out your local building stores for their contacts.

Here’s the deal, if you’ll give me your email address (your good one, not that fakey one you have for male enhancement pills) I’ll send you some great basement content about once a week. A lot depends on how much is included and the quality of the final project. Finishing a basement in a relatively new home can start around $20 -$35 a square foot, or $30,000 -$70,000 for 1,500-2,000 square feet – but it can cost $100,000 or more to create a fully-finished space. And then I found this picture on a blog, which was extremely helpful, but unfortunately I have no idea what blog it was.

At Pachota Construction, we possess the extensive knowledge required to remodel your basement so it’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. With the expertise of our trained contractors, we can transform your unfinished basement into whatever you want, whether it’s a room for entertaining, working out or a large office. The new office contained a poorly placed closet. In fact to open the closet it was necessary to enter the room and close the room door. Then the closet door could be opened. Then, the process was reversed to exit the room. Call the Biehl Brothers today for a free in-home consultation to start planning your basement remodel.

Plastic drop cloth and tape are my friends for any painting job:-) It takes a lot of time to prepare for any painting job but it’s so worth it and it saves a lot of time with the cleaning! When I paint a wall, I also remove the plates around the plugs and cover the plugs with tape so I can do a clean job while painting! If you are seeking a relaxed atmosphere with a little bit of Nantucket, beadboard is a great options.