Finishing A Basement

This article contains some real how to information! not just a bunch of text to get you to click on links. I will give you some real practical advice on how to clean up and repair water damage whether it be from a flood, plumbing leak, or roof leak. First off you need to stop the water! If it is a leak in your plumbing you will probably have to shut the water main off at the street (or pressure tank if you are on a well). If the water is coming from roof damage a tarp will normally work for a quick fix. If it’s from a flood you will need sandbags to try to divert the water away from the house. This will only work for small flooding areas. In a big flood you will just have to wait it out.

All the doors still need their topcoat of white and a few touch-ups here and there, but it’s pretty much done. We chose really plush carpet and a thick pad to make it fun to relax on (we’ve already had two sleepovers down there!) It’ll be fun to accessorize, arrange the shelves more pleasingly and get to those slipcovers. It was a big project but taught our whole family the power of doing things yourself and the satisfaction that comes with it.

The first thing a person should do in the basement remodeling is to add more lighting to the basement. The purpose of this move is to add more lighting to the room in a basement as a lighted room is more favored in comparison to a dark room. One thing a person should do is to consider the option of adding windows to the basement if possible as natural light is the best light in the world. If natural light is not possible, artificial light fixtures should be added. The best option in this matter would be to use lamps and other such things.

I am getting a few more estimates, and then I will make a decision. How can I get a reasonable estimate to finish my 500 sq ft basement for less than $20k. I am not a handy guy so I don’t plan a DIY. I’d rather hire someone who will do a good job. Is that too much to ask in MA? What are some of the questions I should be asking? Any advice will be helpful.

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