We Provide Certification Services for Building Endorsements, Application for Fire Safety Certificate (FSC),renewal of Fire Certificate (FC) for residential, industrial and commercial buildings and many more.

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There’s no national standard or regulation for handymen. Licensing and regulation vary by state. New Jersey, for example, requires handymen who work for a profit to register with the state and carry insurance. California requires handymen to carry a license from the State Contractors License Board to work on any project that exceeds $500 in labor and material costs. Find out before you hire the handyman if he or she has the skills needed to complete your project.

There are many families in America who may not be homeless or starving, but they’re struggling. Meeting the needs of providing a normal family life is a strain. If you have friends or relatives who are having financial troubles, choose a holiday gift that will make their life a little better all year long. The gift ideas below are things that would be wonderful for families like mine.

Within four weeks the police returned to Puente’s apartment after a 74 year old pensioner accused Puente of stealing from him and drugging him. Puente was charged on three charges of theft on August 18th 1982 and received a 5 year jail sentence. It was whilst in jail that Puente started writing to to 77 year old Everson Gillmouth. On her release from jail Everson picked her up in a red Ford 1980 pickup, they then made plans to marry and even opened up a joint bank account.