Handyman (2006)

The Dolmans Facility Management Handyman has the craftsmanship of a specialist combined with the hospitality of a Service-Host. Because of that we have a special and unique combination. We can deploy the handyman on a regular basis or on call.

I just want to say thank you. You speak so much truth, and I can see your knowledge was hard won. I worked in a soup kitchen in high school after a very cool teacher taught some of us suburban kids what it was REALLY like to be poor in Uptown Chicago. Who knew I’d be homeless years later, thanks in part to addictions. Luckily it wasn’t for very long. Anyway, may the Lord & Lady bless you richly for what you have done here.

For instance, when I moved in all of the windows in the house were single pane and most of them didn’t open. I knew that trying to replace the windows by myself was not an option (especially since some of the windows are on the second floor). It cost a lot more money, but I hired a crew to come in. They replaced all of the windows and the back door (which was so warped that it let in a constant breeze!) in one day and even hauled away the old ones.

The handyman ( ?v=vQubIaFGAis ) suggests people visit their loved ones and look for signs that indicate a need for home modification to improve safety, accessibility and mobility in the home. For people who have difficulty standing up from a seated position the handyman can install an Allen Pole which allows them to use their arm and back muscles for increased mobility.

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