Happenings In The House Of Hoke

I have always liked the thought of having a spacious bathroom, one big enough to have a wicker armchair, lots of plants and a big antique chest of drawers to store towels, toiletries and anything else I might decide to keep in the bathroom. I’ve always liked the thought of it, but I’ve never had it.

Wonderful colors, the cabinets are so well painted (of course) and I love the glass knobs. What I like best is that the daisy girl REALLY does look like she has a secret! She was meant for that spot. I like the glimpse of the grey and yellow floral shower curtain (think that is what it is) also. in the past, refacing cabinetry was something you would only hire a professional to do. However, with advances in technology as well as a ready supply of materials (such as doors, veneers, trim, adhesive and tools), many homeowners are tackling this project themselves – and saving a bundle in the process.

Yes, I believe the economy will come back. There needs to be some changes to encourage new entrepreneurs to invest in businesses. Regulations and cost kills out the American Dream to Own Your Own Business or to become successful by your own means. A premier supplier of everything you need to complete a kitchen reface. Everything is custom sized to your needs and ships in just a few weeks. Available finished or unfinished. I used to have one of those corner tubs. I installed it when I was remodeling my bathroom. They are awesome! I really miss it.

I love to window shop too…you certainly have some beautiful exhibits! Love to think how they would look in my small bathroom…or should I say water closet LOL…if you turn around, there’s one too many in it! I like to change up my decor often. So, as you can see from these photos all of the big (read: costly) changes we made in the bathroom were subtle. We used a lot of white. This way I can easily switch out things like towels, shower curtains and rugs to change the look of the room, with only a minimal amount of work. The estimator presents prepared job instructions and a list of milestone dates to the remodel production department.

Yes, you can. IKEA customer service states that kitchen parts are sold individually, therefore you will be able to purchase the doors and drawer fronts separately. Kitchen Plus always designs with you in mind. We listen to you, then help you to create the space you want at a price you can live with. As a full service firm, we are the supplier and contractor and promise to keep your project on time and on budget. Call us today at (425) 462-0375 to receive a free consultation! A home renovation project that finishes UNDER budget? I didn’t know that was even possible! Great work!