Helping Your Home Recover From A Flood

One of the frustrating things about floods and water damage in general is that they can be unpredictable. Your basement might avoid allowing in excessive moisture or flooding for years, and then one day you wake up to a basement filled with water. There are steps you can take to help make your flood damage restoration project successful, and get your basement back into shape.

Get Rid Of The Water

The biggest initial threat to your home when there are flood waters in the basement is mold. The fastest way to get water out of your basement is to open all of the basement windows, and then use a pump to push the water out. Remember to utilize a long hose to pump the water as far away from your house as possible. Ideally, you want to get a hose that will reach the street so you can pump the water into the storm drain.

Air Out The Room

If the weather is freezing cold outside, then close your basement windows after you have gotten rid of the water. But if the weather allows you to keep the windows open, then that air circulation will help to dry out the basement. Mold can start forming immediately, so do not wait too long before you start taking steps to restoring your basement.

Take An Inventory Of The Damage

Your insurance company can work faster if you create a comprehensive inventory of all of the damage, including pictures, to back up yourclaim. If you live in areas where flood waters occur frequently, then you should have already sent an inventory of your basement belongings to your insurance agent for documentation purposes. Your agent can use that original list and the list of damages to help speed up yourclaim.

Remove Anything That Is Water Damaged

The sooner you get water damaged rugs, furniture and clothing out of the basement, the better. If those items are left too long, they will grow mold. Analyze any walls you have in your basement to see how bad the water damage is. In some cases, water damaged wood and even drywall can be saved. But the reality is that you will be doing a lot of demolition in your basement to get rid of everything that was water damaged.

The faster you act after a flooding event, the sooner you can start restoring your basement. You will also want to act quickly to get water damaged items out of your basement before mold forms and the problem gets much worse.