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If you are looking for a professionally finished custom basement, or home bar system, you’ve come to the right place. We offer complete in-house designs which can include bars, offices, theater rooms, gyms, plus complete kitchens or bathrooms. We transform your basement into the perfect man cave, a great new space for the family, in-law suite, or teenager retreat. We are a professional full-service remodeling company, and since 1996, we have serviced NE Ohio specializing in custom basement finishing and custom bar design and fabrication.

Lay your top and bottom plates for your new wall on the floor side by side and mark out your studs at either at 16 inch on center or if you prefer 2 foot on center. This way there all your upright studs will be plumb. We were never able to just give the kids free rein with their imagination – ages didn’t match up with needed work – but that, too, would be wonderful for a budding artist. Love the idea of the leg and stocking! I love old stuff so love these lovely stuff featured in here. Especially the chairs, chandelier and mirror. I all for reusing and redoing old stuff.

I had a good chuckle reading through your hub. When my husband and I were first married we used soda cans to make end tables. It worked well and they were great conversation pieces. I love your bed create idea and I believe it can actually work well. Voted up! I had a surprisingly difficult time finding good pictures and advice on dimensions, but I ended up finding this picture and some great advice in one of Sarah Susanka ‘s Not So Big House books.

Wow, my diy skills are fairly good for some projects but hopeless for others. Loved the you tube videos. For some strange reason I never thought to check out youtube for diy. This is very helpful. Voted up and useful. Shame there isn’t a category for extremely useful! Experts say a laundry room remodel not only adds beauty, it increases the value of your home. With a top-notch laundry room renovation, you can expect, on average, a 72 percent return on your investment! Very informative hub and I got inspired after reading this hub. Great tips my friend. Thanks for share with us. Voted up!

It is important to choose the right ceramic tiles, as below-grade options have been known to be slippery due to condensation. Even when condensation is not a problem, glazed ceramic tiles with an anti-slip finish are a safe bet. I really love giving solid old pieces of furniture new life. I think they are so much more interesting and have so much more character than new stuff. Voted up! Everyone on the job has been so professional, responsible, respectful of the house and garden and friendly.