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When you hear the words Swiss Army Knife, chances are you think of the legendary Officer’s knife. And that legend continues with the Handyman pocket knife. If you’re handy, then you know that the call to come fix something can come at any time. So whether you’re hard at work or hard at play, always keep the Handyman with you. Its 24 functions are always ready, so you will be too.

I liked the characters, especially Jack. Jack is an ‘older’ guy (actually 44 years old doesn’t seem old to me, but it’s older than most characters in romance fiction tend to be) who’s been married for 24 rather passionless, but loving years and widowed for 2. He has had exac I decided to read this book because I liked the blurb of the story. It seemed rather predictable, but sometimes I don’t want originality, I just want a nice, easy, predictable read. And this is mostly the right book for that.

If you’re running a small business where your clients and customers will be receiving services in your home, make sure you have adequate insurance to cover yourself in the event that someone gets injured. Talk to a qualified insurance broker to make sure that you are fully covered. Also, to avoid running afoul of municipal bylaws, check with city hall to see what types of licenses and permits you will need to run your business.

This is by far the most touching and best written lens Ive every read. I hope it provides you with great proceeds; you shouldn’t even have to explain why you’re not donating them. Plenty of us are on here because we need money. You’ve done so much for homelessness just by writing this lens. I think a decent portion of America is much closer to homelessness than they would ever imagine. One illness could completely wipe them out and still so many are against providing affordable healthcare to all. I wish you to best health wise, financially and in every other regard!

Muskoka Handyman takes the day off on Father’s Day – first day off in weeks. We golfed 18 holes at Windermere G&CC. The golf course is in great shape and it was a perfect day in Muskoka ($255 for the 3 of us – ouch) The greens were fast but the fairways were a bit narrow for Scott’s liking I think. We couldn’t have asked for better conditions and I got to spend the day with my 2 favourite guys.