How To Fire Your Contractor And Get Your Money Back?

The Contractor Table Saw is the tool of choice of many DIY hobbyists and woodworkers, as well as professionals in the trade who need a mobile saw. Less expensive than a cabinet model, a contractor table saw can perform can handle many of the same ripping and milling tasks as the higher priced cabinet models, and the better contractor models can rival the larger saws in accuracy. Sure, there are limitations in power and cutting capacity where the smaller contractor saw cannot compete, but several of the most common shortcomings can be overcome with a few upgrades.

Make sure you read the rules before posting there. It’s a good idea to browse the archives for good examples of other people looking for jobs and to better understand the culture, values, and standards within the community. Doing that you may also discover companies looking for contractors just like you 🙂 Make sure your post is clear, concise. Provide only necessary information about your professional strengths and skills. Post a link to your website as the main way to contact and learn about you. You can update your website any time. Thus if someone finds your post a year later, following the link they will see up to date information on your website.

There are a number of factors which may contribute to determining the difference between an employee and an independent contractor. However, it is important to note that no single indicator can determine if a person is a contractor or an employee. Each determination is based on the individual merits of the work arrangement in place. Courts always look at the totality of the relationship between the parties when determining the status of a person’s employment.

An employee is required to comply with instruction about when, where and how to work. Even if no instructions are given, the control factor is present if the employer has to right to give instructions. Independent Contractors (IC’s) determine on their own how they will proceed in accomplishing an assigned task. An IC is under no obligation to comply with instructions as to how to perform an assigned task, only that they accomplish it.

We had two witnesses ready for our trial, Bill Hansen (PORA President) and Rusty Bradshaw (INDEPENDENT newspaper). Mr. Hansen was testifying that PKBB has been dropped from PORA’s Referrals for years because of excessive poor workmanship complaints. Mr. Bradshaw was testifying that he investigated the PKBB’s false advertising scam and wrote a newspaper article about it.