How To Keep Mosquitoes Away

Nobody likes dealing with mosquito bites, but it can be hard to keep the bugs away. It’s hard, but it’s not impossible. There are a few tricks that can help to keep mosquitoes away from you and your home.

Prevent Malaria Disease

Use The Right Plants

There are a few plants that work as natural mosquito repellents. Lavender is particularly effective and easy to use. Put a few drops of lavender oil around windows to make sure that mosquitoes don’t come inside and around any places that they congregate to drive them away. Rubbing lavender oil on skin can also reduce the risk of bites.

Catnip can also be surprisingly effective. It works best when the bush is still alive, so planting a few catnip bushes around a house works well in the long term. It also tends to attract every stray cat in the neighborhood, but most people would rather deal with a swarm of cats than a swarm of mosquitoes.

Avoid Standing Water

Mosquitoes don’t live very long, so making sure that they don’t breed is a good way to get rid of them. The best way to stop them from reproducing is to remove their breeding sites. Mosquitoes like to breed in stagnant water, and while it may not be worth filling in a pond to get rid of them, most stagnant water is easy to remove.

Swimming pools may seem like a natural breeding site, but they aren’t a major risk as long as the water is treated regularly. If that isn’t possible, a pool cover can remove most of the danger. Smaller containers, like barrels and birdbaths, are much more likely to harbor mosquito eggs. The best way to reduce their risk is to drain them and replace the water once every week to purge any eggs that might have been laid.

It also pays to make sure that gutters stay unclogged. Mosquitoes don’t need much space to breed, so a clogged gutter with some stagnant water in it is all that it takes to keep mosquitoes around for another year.

Call For Help

There are times when the only option is to call for professional help. These methods can do a lot, but a sufficiently large population can overwhelm them. Professional groups, like the Mosquito Squad of Rochester, can notice breeding sites that most homeowners would miss and deploy barrier sprays that are more powerful than mosquito-repellent plants. Mosquito bites can spread a lot of dangerous diseases, so calling in the professionals can do a lot to prevent bigger problems down the line.