How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger (2)

Make remodeling your bath fun, not frustrating. Choose Lowe’s bath installation services for minor updates or a major bath remodel.

If and when you start a bathroom remodeling project, don’t forget that you likely won’t be able to use all or some features of your bathroom for significant periods of time. Be patient, as you and your family may have to utilize your home’s other bathrooms or find alternative bathrooms outside the home if you only have one bathroom. Since the floors were so bad, we decided to tear the walls down, just to be safe… didn’t want any moldĀ surprises!

Tirelesstraveler, I enjoyed reading your remodeling article. You are correct regarding the extent of remodel. Now that I have 2 new bathrooms (close to completion), the existing one will be stripped down to the sub floor, a job that we will not start until a year after our expansion is complete. Voted Up and Useful. Poor seating arrangement making conversation uncomfortable or difficult and no table on which to place the offered tumbler or cup of tea.

Can you help me estimate that cost. I think it should include the plumbers cost for reply bing the shower with a new shower valve. aviannovice, Thank you. We have reused many things in our house already and I’m sure we will use more. Thanks so much for stopping by. I really like the design of your door. I am wanting to find some frameless shower doors in Toronto to install. Do you happen to know where I might find some? Thanks. Planning your project starts with getting all the right information. Use our Ask The Pros forum to get home improvement advice from knowledgeable Canadian contractors.

A bathroom that is nautical or ultra modern is gorgeous but may look out of place, if it doesn’t flow with the rest of your home. You don’t have to match but remember you must be able to blend. This is my first visit to your lovely blog and am visitng from Between Naps on the Porch. I am next you (Home is Where the Heart is). You can also save money on fixtures, even toilets and showers, if you purchase them used. Scour sites like eBay and Craigslist or head over to the nearest Habitat for Humanity ReStore , which specifically sells home necessities such as doors, mirrors, sinks, toilets, and tubs.